Safe Bet - "Joy, Find Me - EP"
$25.00 - $160.00

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Safe Bet - "Joy, Find Me - EP"
$25.00 - $160.00

Pressed at Gotta Groove Records, at 45 RPM; it is Double Sided. Remastered for Vinyl through Matt Riefler. Hand Numbered Center Labels. Mockups by Corey Purvis.
Speaking of Art, Front Panel, Back Panel, and Center Labels are subject to change; these placeholders will adjust as we form our decisions, to offer the closest depiction possible — description and listing will be updated as the files reach us.

“Dismal Point of Blue" option might encounter imperfections when replay occurs. "Dismal Point of Blue" will only be available through bundles for the aforementioned reason — this way, the customer has a copy both for exhibition and use, if any defects were to show. "PVC It Feels Like Second Nature to Me" will be available separately, yet the client should understand there could be a similar result to “Dismal Point of Blue”, where there is some issues, each time minor, in replay. Please note, these are slim chances, but we still feel obliged to mention them.

Blank Jackets will be sent to Gino Savarino, known for his alias as Safe Bet, for him to paint and include with all copies of “PVC It Feels Like Second Nature to Me”. Artist will decide wether the results come close to the example shown, or deviate entirely — regardless, these are a custom piece.

What do bundles include?
“Square One” includes ‘Dismal Point of Blue’ (/25) and ‘Spittoon Blue’ (/100).
“Wax Mage, Find Me” includes ‘Dismal Point of Blue’ (/25), ‘PVC It Feels Like Second Nature to Me’ (/50), ‘Spittoon Blue’ (/100), and Test Pressing (/25).

If combining items — rest of our products or inventory, of the same type or category — within the same order, all will be dispatched at the latest date, once all products are in hand.

Disclaimer: This item is still on Pre Order; it is expected to reach us between March and April. As we receive more information from Gotta Groove Records, we will be using our Social Media — particularly Facebook — to inform or share any details. Pencil Shavings being used as inlays on Wax Mage copies were substituted for Maps; those Materials are still en route to the Pressing Plant, and should reach them no later than March 10, 2022.

Includes Digital Download of “Joy, Find Me” as WAV Files.

Track Listing

  1. Blue
  2. Square One
  3. Playing the Part
  4. Comfortable
  5. Joy

Pressing Information

Test Pressing, /25
"Dismal Point of Blue", Blue Pencil Shavings Inside a Multi Color Merge; /25
"PVC It Feels Like Second Nature to Me" on Natural PVC and Black Swirl with Metallic Silver, Blue, and White Splatter (Includes Handpainted Cover); /50
"Spittoon Blue", Clearwater Blue Transparent Mix; 100

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